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The Mexican local debt market is the deepest and most advanced in Latin America. It really does provide a competitive alternative to bank financing both in tenor and cost. To tap into it, companies require one or two ratings, depending on the targeted debt market.

The type of rating and the selected rating agency depend on present or future financing requirements. MRA provides guidance regarding the convenience of requesting a rating at a specific time or holding off for a while, as well as the benefits of having one.

Whether you wish to issue debt for the first time, assess the impact of an investment to your credit profile, or analyze present economic and credit trends and their impact on your present ratings, MRA can help. We can assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of rating agency criteria, provide a review of information packages to be delivered to the agencies, and have a frank and open discussion with you about the realistic expectations that you should have when you engage with a rating agency.

About us

We work hand in hand with our clients to improve their ratings and obtain the best financing options.

Our Services

Assessment of Rating and Product Required

Selection of Firm and Information Memorandum

Rating Methodology

Leverage and Capitalization

Impacts on Rating Level

Our Team

The Miranda Ratings Advisory team, which consists of Víctor M. Herrera, Damian Fraser, Martín Lara and Laura Guillén, has a combined experience of more than 30 years in corporate ratings.

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We improve our clients' ratings to obtain the best financing options.

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